How it works:

Calvert Yard Cards is a rental company that services Southern Maryland.


Our services are FULLY booked through June 13th.  DO not reserve a date of delivery before June 13th.  We can NOT guarantee availability.

Select the day you want a sign delivered. This is the day we set up your yard card.  

Yard Card rentals are a basic 24-36 hour rental.  For example, on a rental, we set up in the evening, between 7:00pm- Midnight on Monday for a birthday on Tuesday and return on Wednesday to remove the display.


 Yard Cards start at $65.00 with 1-5 words and local delivery.  If you would like to extend your rental, please call and check for availability.  

We will do our best to provide the exact colors and display graphics you request, but can NOT guarantee these items. If you require a specific color and can not vary slightly in the design, please call us before ordering to ensure availability.  

Do NOT mow or weed wack around the signs.  

If your ground is hard, please WATER your yard the entire day of your delivery.  Your neighbors don't want us banging a hammer at 11:00pm for an hour trying to get your display in the gound. 

At the moment, we are only accepting reservations for Calvert County.  We hope to increase our delivery area soon.


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Servicing  Southern Maryland:

Calvert County - Charles County - St. Mary's County - Southern Ann Arundel County